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AcerCloud - PicStream businessinsider

Just ahead of the CES official kick-off, Acer unveiled the world's thinnest Ultrabook, the Aspire S5. The ultraportable S5 is 0.6-inches thin at its thickest point.

That makes it sleeker than the Macbook Air which is 0.68-inches thin at its thickest point. However, both the notebooks weigh just under three pounds.

Besides, the company launched 'iCloud' look alike - AcerCloud, its own cloud-based services for the Ultrabook.

The AcerCloud interface design and app functionality are quite similar to that of Apple's iCloud, down to the naming conventions.

For starters, the "PicStream" app is a substitute for Apple's "PhotoStream" service and the photos uploaded to the cloud-based account will expire after 30 days unless you download them. If that sounds familiar, one might recall that this was the original feature of iOS 5.

Apple had borrowed the concept of "Documents on the cloud" from Google Docs, "PhotoStream" from Picasa and so on. It now appears that Acer has followed a similar trend and introduced "AcerCloud Docs" which will automatically archive your documents on Cloud for remote access from any other PC or Android device.

Acer's "" media app is another borrowed concept from Apple's iCloud, besides imitating the graphical interface as well.

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