Liam Fox
Two Politicians: in a Pickle: Silvio Berlusconi held onto his position by the skin of his teeth, Friday, while UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox resigned over a scandal surrounding his relationship with Adam Werrity. REUTERS

Adam Werritty, the man at the centre of the Liam Fox controversy, has been identified as the link man between the Porton Group and Liam Fox.

Werritty is currently being questioned by the Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell about his earnings and links to defence companies.

Ambiguities from the defence secretary's statement in the House of Commons yesterday were still in the air this morning regarding the financial interests of Wittery who, according to Fox, had not earned anything since 1998 when he served as a paid intern.

Questions still not answered

Fox repeatedly apologised to MPs Monday for the "blur" that had been created between his public and private lives, but many questions remained unanswered.

Although Fox stated that Adam Werritty had not financially benefitted from their friendship since 1998, when he severed as a paid intern in the House of Commons, the defence secretary used an ambiguous term of phase stating he was "confident that Werritty was not dependent on any transactional behaviour." It is also unclear why Werritty travelled to Dubai twice if he wasn't receiving payment for his efforts to set up the meetings.

The result of the inquiry is likely to determine whether Fox has been in breach of the ministerial code, a criticism that Labour repeatedly referred to.

The regular contacts between Mr Werritty and Dr Fox have led to speculation that Mr Werritty, a self-styled "business consultant" has gained financially from their close relationship.

Despite Dr Fox's assurances that Mr Werritty does not profit from their friendship, his friend's financial affairs remain largely unknown, even to the minister's colleagues and civil servants.