Celebrity favourite Adonia Organics has not sold out of its Stemutone product (

Daily Mail readers have reacted angrily after an article claimed that a "miracle cellulite cure" had sold out in 48 hours after going on sale in the UK - despite evidence to the contrary.

The Daily Mail and the Mirror both reported that 10,000 tubes of the Adonia Stemutone cream, which claims to reduce the appearance of saggy skin in just a few days, had sold out.

However, the cream is still available to buy from both and at a cost of £37 excluding postage.

The Daily Mail wrote: "If only there was an affordable cream available in the shops to sort out all your wobbly bits... Well there was - but now it has sold out."

Which "shops" the miracle serum was sold in were not mentioned in the article. Superdrug and Boots, two of the biggest health and beauty retailers in the country, do not sell Adonia Organics products.

Mail as Adonia advocate

The list of celebrities who have endorsed Adonia includes Pamela Anderson, Nicole Scherzinger, Denise Richards, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Shannon Elizabeth.

The Daily Mail was lambasted by readers over its claim.

One reader, JEF77m said: "Blatant advert. Shame on you DM."

Another, Charlie, said: "Where's the disclaimer saying advertorial? Because there's zero journalism in this piece. It's a press release from Stemutone printed as fact without any of its claims being questioned."

The newspaper has been a keen advocate for Adonia Organic products over the years. It championed its Legtone product in 2009 and wrote two articles celebrating the Adonia Hair Serum in 2011.