The affair
Noah Solloway and Alison in The Affair season 1 Showtime

Showtime's award winning series The Affair season 1 ended on a cliffhanger with Noah's getting arrested for Scotty's murder.

Fans have to wait long till season 2 to find out if Noah is innocent or guilty, which will premiere on 4 October on Showtime.

Here are a few spoilers for the second season:

Truth will be out soon

Show creator Sarah Treem said that the truth will be revealed soon. "In my mind, in terms of what the truth of the crime itself is at the end, I think we need to and we are going to see that and understand what happened there objectively," she told E! Online.

"I think the way that we get there is going to be a bit of a puzzle, so when the audience arrives at it, they will discover it for themselves," she added.

Season 2 plot

Network President David Nevins hinted that the storyline of the series will evolve as it goes on, teasing that only the tip of the iceberg has only been revealed thus far.

"The relationship between Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson) is just beginning," he said, touching upon the development of the plot. "We're only nine months into that relationship."

Noah will be out on bail

The next season will also show Detective Jeffries searching for answers since his evidence against Noah is inconclusive, even though he had him arrested in season 1 finale.

"Season two in the past will pick up very quickly after season one ends. We have more to go in terms of the story before the past catches up to the present," Sarah Treem revealed.


Although the first season was only in the point of view of Noah and Alison, next season may include some more perspectives.

"I hope we'll be seeing Helen and Cole's [narratives]," the Sarah Treem said. "It's all still very much theoretical, but that's the idea in my head at this point."

The finale explained

The key event in the Season 1 finale is the confrontation between Noah (Dominic West), Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) and the Lockhart family over Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell) impregnating the Solloways' teenage daughter.

Throughout the season we have seen Noah and Alison (Ruth Wilson) remembering one particular instances differently, but in this case, their perspectives diverge so wildly that it left viewers a little confused.

The affair
Noah strangling Scotty, Cole points gun at Noah as Alison stands by in The Affair season 1 finale Showtime

Series creator Sarah Treem says that wasn't the intention, but the demands of production -- including weather, actors' schedules and whether they could shoot outside, led to some decisions that made what played out on screen look so different from Noah's and Alison's points of view.

"I personally didn't think hard enough about the choices we were making and how different the scenes were going to appear on screen. So there were some things that happened in those final scenes – they weren't understood as so different," Treem told Zap2it

Treem did want to show how particularly stressful situations, in both versions, Cole (Joshua Jackson) points a gun at Noah, can lead to unreliable memories

"We were excited to play around with that idea when the gun comes out, about how the memories really split," she said. "But we didn't mean to make it so different that the audience was going to start to think, 'Oh, wait a second. What the hell's going on?'

Who is telling the truth?

Whether the show addresses the divergent recollections is something Treem and the other writers will discuss when they go to work on Season 2.

Although she refused to reveal who is telling the truth, or whose version is more true than the other. "They are equally flawed within a prism of two different perspectives," she said.

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