Thousands gather in Madrid for today's Podemos rally. (Getty)
Thousands gather in Madrid for today's Podemos rally Getty

Thousands have gathered in Spanish capital Madrid for a rally by far-left wing party Podemos.

It is one of the first large-scale rallies held by the party, and follows the triumph of allies Greek far-left party Syrizia in the Greek general election.

Podemos – which means We Can – has pledged to write off part of Spain's debt if it triumphs in this year's election and has surged to a lead in the polls.

Crowds chanting "Yes we can" held aloft banners proclaiming "Change is now" and waved Greek and Republican flags, reported Reuters.

Podemos' leader Pablo Iglesias vowed that the party would work for the people, not for vested interests.

"We want change," he said, reports Associated Press. "I know that governing is difficult but those who have serious dreams can change things."

The party shook Spain's political establishment when it claimed five seats in last May's European elections.

"People are fed up with the political class," 69-year-old pensioner Antonia Fernandez told the agency.

"If we want to have a future, we need jobs," she said.

Spain is currently emerging from one of its worst economic slumps in recent history, with nearly one on four currently out of work.

After being formed only last year, they have surged in popularity with a public enraged by corruption scandals and austerity policies by the ruling People's Party and the preceding Socialists governments.

The part has close ties with Syriza, and after the party's triumph in Greece last Sunday, Iglesias proclaimed that "hope had been born".