Yemen Houthis grave
The shadows of members of the Shi'ite Muslim Houthi movement are cast on graves dug for fellow Houthi fighters Reuters

At least 33 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack at a cultural gathering in the Yemeni city of Ibb.

The bomber struck at a cultural centre where students had gathered to celebrate Prophet's Birthday – the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed – Reuters news agency reported, citing medical sources and a local resident.

The governor of the province was reported to be among a number of people wounded in the attack, the sources said.

Ibb province is controlled by the Shia Muslim Houthi movement, which has extended its power in Yemen in recent months.

While nobody immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, the bombing resembles tactics frequently used by militants from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Aqap,) the national branch of the global terrorist network.

Aqap sees the Houthis as heretics and has targeted the group periodically.

Meanwhile, 34 people have been killed in fighting in Rada district, the scene of heavy fighting between Shia-aligned and Sunni-aligned groups in recent months.

Among the dead were 25 Houthis, three Aqpa militants and six tribesmen, according to al-Jazeera. Fighting reportedly broke out when the Houthis attempted to take control of local villages.