Over the years, alien hunters have provided incredibly interesting accounts of an encounter with extra-terrestrial beings and UFO claiming that aliens have walked the earth. According to the latest report, a renowned alien hunter has made a sensational claim that aliens support nuclear disarmament.

Speaking with Daily Star Online, Stephen Bassett, the founder of Paradigm Research Group (PRG), says that alien life exists, and they have armed with superior technology against which our nuclear weapons are completely "useless."

In a discussion about aliens, he claimed that several have witnessed aliens controlling the nuclear systems with "ease." Bassett, who prefers using UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) instead of UFO (Unidentified flying object), said that aliens' intentions are not a "threat" to humankind.

"They turned off our nuclear weapons repeatedly, does that mean they are bad? The witnesses to the events and there are many, generally, believe that it is not an ominous thing but rather it was a message," he said.

As per the alien hunter, they are trying to deliver a message that nuclear weapons are impractical and getting rid of them could be a good idea.

In another report, the publication reveals that Bassett thinks that the US government may not be telling truth about the existence of extra-terrestrial beings and US space-agency NASA might be the "victim" of government laws.

As per his claims, NASA is forced to turn off the cameras when an unknown flying object appears on ISS feed in accordance with government laws.

"It's them essentially obeying the law, which is what the National Security Act is, and simply not doing anything which would, quote, endanger the truth embargo because under the act of national security it has to remain," he suggests.

According to him, the coverup is preventing the correct information on aliens being released to the public. In his interview, this law has been in place since 1958 and that has stopped NASA from divulging the truth. NASA's hands are supposedly tied due to the clause in Space Act about anything that involves national security, which comes under the purview of the Department of Defence.


Meanwhile, Bassett is not the first one to point ETs interest in humans military activity. In 2008, former US Air Force lieutenant Bob Jacobs made a shocking claim about the appearance of a "shot a beam of light at the warhead during a missile test." This is known as the 1967 Malstrom AFB UFO incident and he made the big reveal in an interview with Larry King on CNN.