Lexus LM
The new Lexus LM coming to the UK this autumn. Lexus UK Media Site

The world premiere of the all-new Lexus LM has given a glimpse into what can be expected from the new model which UK customers can buy this autumn. The vehicle is set to mark a new and fresh development for Lexus's presence in the European market through its luxurious and spacious settings.

In the Lexus Next Chapter, this "Luxury Mover" is the fourth one along the line, after the successful launch of the brand-new RX, NX and all-electric RZ SUVs. The LM is one of Lexus's flagship model which also include the LC coupe, LS saloon and from the Eastern European markets, the LX SUV.

The development process for all-new Lexus models, including the LM was, centred heavily on the human aspect as the main priority was the well-being of passengers and the comfort which is going to be given to them. Lexus' value of Omotenashi means the hospitality settings it provides will always be full of care and consideration for its customers.

For drivers, their experience in the LM involves being able to enjoy constant control, comfort and confidence through the Lexus Driving Signature, which is supported by a low centre of gravity and strong rigidness from the Lexus GA-K global platform. Lexus is aiming to have more diversity in its products as the Japanese brand seeks to cater for a grander number of customer needs and different lifestyles.

Lexus wanted the LM to have an interior design where there was comfort by way of feeling similar to a working office space but at the same time displaying the comfort of a living room. This unique duality which the vehicle's interior provides means passengers can afford to be how their natural selves are usually and be in strong relaxation settings.

In the research and development process, through conversations with private jet manufacturers and hyper-affluent customers, Lexus discovered that customers value pure luxury when they are in an environment where they are able to rest, both in a mental and physical way. The luxury car company also found out that people value having access to advanced functions and technological pieces.

Lexus wants to ensure customers that may have busy lives can just rely on simple functions in the vehicle and be able to adjust to their personal preferences in an instant. The Takumi craftsmanship standard is reflected in Lexus's putting together of the LM, giving it a limousine-like feel.

Lexus LM
Lexus' new model is all about providing comfort within a luxurious environment. Lexus UK Media Site

The fundamental parts of the LM's interior include the four-seat model which is incredibly luxurious with two multi-function rear seats. The seven-seat model includes space and accessible functions available for the middle row and a further third row provided with three flip-up seats which can be folded if more loading space is needed.

The LM's seating has been designed so that support and comfort are given to those travelling in the vehicle. In order for passengers to have stable sight ahead of them, the model's seats are designed so that head-sway is countered, and low-frequency vibrations are reduced.

The seating improves body posture and prevents passengers from dropping into a hunched position through side wires. The headrest gives support to the top of the back instead of the neck which will assist the body core in remaining stable.

The leg support is provided by adjustable ottomans and the four-seat model will allow for seats to recline into fully horizontal positions, similar to an airline bed. The seat cushions are made of two materials which provide a soft surface on a hard base and there is a tilt function that stops the person from flying forward when the car brakes.

There is a multi-operation panel which provides users with a controller to manage the climate control settings, seat functions, audio system, window blinds and interior lighting. This new model is the first in the world to have a voice recognition function that specifically responds to rear-seat passengers.

In the rear cabin, there is an overhead console where door controls, a small storage space and temperature-monitoring sensors can be incorporated.

One of the aspects which Lexus viewed as essential to the luxury state of the LM was peace and quiet. The airtightness in the sealing was improved on whilst clearances were reduced between the sheet metal parts and the doors.

Active Noise Control in the cabin places reverse-phase sound waves through an audio speaker which cuts down the low-frequency noise when the vehicle starts moving. The four-seat model allows for conversations to take place easily through the use of a non-sound-absorbing five-layer.

Lexus LM
The interior settings of the all-new Lexus LM. Lexus UK Media Site

Other accessories provided in the LM include a Mark Levinson 3D Surround Sound reference audio system as well as a 48-inch widescreen HD monitor in the four-seat model. The seven-seat model instead has a 14-inch rear multimedia display.

The Climate Concierge system developed by Lexus for the new LM allows for more than just air conditioning to be taken care of. Rear cabin lighting, window shades and seat reclining positions can also be taken care of.

To avoid car sickness, the windows have been made as large as possible in order for passengers to always have an idea of where and how the vehicle is moving. This was undertaken due to car sickness being possibly provoked when screens are accessible in vehicles.

Lexus wanted to focus on "dignified elegance" when creating the new LM so that there would be a unique road presence. This includes the side view where there are blacked-out front and rear pillars with a large glass area all around to give an open feel.

In order to bring ride comfort and driving pleasure to the LM, Lexus were able to rely on the GA-K. This provided the quality, high body rigidity and braking and suspension tools that preserve comfort when travelling.

Lexus's first Rear Seat Comfort drive mode will help passengers maintain a comfortable posture. Also, Automatic Smart Stop braking control, Pitch Control plus a newly revised Adaptive Variable Suspension system will ensure a smooth journey.

Safety will be present in the LM through the latest Lexus Safety System+ which can detect accident risks from an even large range. To avoid or mitigate the impact, alerts will be provided through steering, braking, and drive support when needed.

The LM coming to Europe will be the LM 350h together with the Lexus 2.5 lite self-charging hybrid electric powertrain. The model will be 5130mm in length, 1890mm in width, and 1945mm in height and have a maximum speed of 118mph.

In other news, Lexus' owners Toyota, are changing their electric vehicle strategy in 2023 with possible delays to the Lexus RZ, as they look to lessen the margin on price and performance against Tesla and BYD. Also, the former president of Toyota's luxury Lexus brand, Koji Sato, has recently become the new CEO of Toyota.