An incredible timelapse nature video taken by a former photojournalist in Canada is amazing people everywhere - even if it is just a slug.

The 35 second video is actually 30 minutes of footage sped up to show the banana slug munching down on a dandelion leaf much faster than the slow moving creature would in real life.

The original video was taken by R. Jeanette Martin, who describes herself on Twitter as a former Toronto photojournalist "transplanted to the wilds of" British Columbia. She took the footage on Gabriola Island in British Columbia.

Posting the video to Instagram, Martin said: "There was a large BC slug consuming a dandelion in my backyard and I decided to do a time lapse video of it eating.

"This is potentially the best thing I've ever filmed."

People all over Canada started sharing the video, with some reports saying the video has managed to clock up millions of views. The Royal BC Museum said the "gobbling gastropod" was "winning new respect for slugs".

Speaking to CBC, Martin said she really loves the slugs. "Even though they're all slimy and blobby, they're pretty cute," she told the station.

Martin said she saw the slug start nibbling and set up her phone and just left it. "You're sort of passing them by and you don't see these moments," she said.