Amazon has launched its one-click ordering Dash Button in the UK. The internet-connected gadget lets customers order items from Amazon simply by pressing a button. Dash Buttons connect to Amazon's mobile app via Wi-Fi and let customers order branded household items at a push.

The buttons launched in the US in 2015 as a way for Amazon Prime customers to quickly and easily replenish things like toilet roll, washing up liquid, coffee and other household essentials.

In the UK, the branded buttons cost £4.99 each and customers get £4.99 cashback on their first order. Forty brands have partnered with Amazon for the launch, including Air Wick, Andrex, Ariel, Brabantia, Fairy, Finish, Gillette, Huggies, Johnson's Baby, Kleenex, Listerine, Nescafe, Neutrogena, Nicorette, Olay, Pedigree, Philips Sonicare, Rimmel, Vanish, Whiskas and Wilkinson.

Amazon also announced that it is extending the availability of its Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), the cloud-based service that forms the basis for its Dash Button. DRS allows internet-connected devices to automatically re-order supplies when they run low – for example, detergent for washing machines and ink for printers. Manufacturers working on integrating Dash Replenishment include Bosch and Siemens home appliances, Grundig, Samsung and Whirlpool.

Dash Button UK launch
Amazon's one-click ordering button has arrived in Britain Amazon

Amazon says its Dash programme has grown rapidly in the US since launching last year, with Dash-based orders having tripled and purchases taking place at a rate of more than twice a minute.

More than 100 brands have now thrown their names behind the buttons in the country, with Prime customers able to order everything from toothpaste to Doritos and condoms.

"Dash Button gives you the convenience of 1-Click ordering in your home, and with Dash Replenishment we're taking it one-step further—enabling connected appliances to automatically reorder supplies on your behalf," said Jorrit Van der Meulen, VP at Amazon Europe.

"We've found that Prime members in the US love the ease that both Dash Replenishment and Dash Buttons offer, and we're delighted to bring that same convenience to our customers in the UK – with dozens of brands available today and more to come."