Amazon Local Register Takes on Square and PayPal
Amazon enters the mobile point-of-sale market with Local Register, which will challenge Square and Paypal offering small business lower rates and "in-depth reporting". Amazon

Amazon has launched a mobile point-of-sales solution that will convert smartphones or tablets into cash registers, aimed at helping small businesses reduce their costs.

Amazon Local Register works using a card reader in conjunction with a free app available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, which will allow small businesses to more easily accept credit and debit card payments.

Amazon is promising lower fees than market leaders Square and PayPal Here, and is offering an introductory offer of just 1.75% commission for swiped transactions until 1 January, 2016 for those who sign up before 31 October.

Amazon Local register vs Square vs Paypal

The system is initially only available in the US, though like other Amazon products if it is a success it will likely be rolled out around the world.

The card reader will cost you just $10 and Amazon says it will refund this from transaction fees once you begin using it.

In terms of compatibility, on Android, the system is currently limited to Samsung's Galaxy S range of smartphones, though it will work with Amazon's own Kindle Fire tablets - though not its new Fire phone.

On iOS, the system will work with the iPhone 4 and newer as well as iPads running iOS 7.


As well as offering lower fees, Amazon says the Local Register will provide "in-depth reporting" looking at sales, what times of the day you are busy and what products are selling well.

The biggest issue surrounding the expansion of these mobile point-of-sales solutions seems to be regulations and red tape, with Square limited to the US, Canada and Japan at the moment.

Paypal Here is available in the UK and there are a number of other solutions on the market, including Swedish company iZettle.