Google has finally released the new version of Android for this year. Android 10 will be the first Android version with numerical denotation instead of a dessert-based name.

But what should you expect from the new version of Android, whatever its name?

Here are the noteworthy features of Android 10:

Gesture-based navigation: Google is very focused on gesture-based navigation. This feature will make the use of edge-to-edge curved display on leading flagships. A question that comes to mind is how will the company standardise this feature across all variants of Android, which will have different displays? It has also replaced the back button with a side-swipe gesture. However, you have the choice to revert to the old system if you want.

New Dark Mode: Google is offering an enhanced "Dark Mode" feature. Both the system UI and specific apps will use the feature. When a user activates the battery saving mode, it will be enabled by default. YouTube, Google Fit, Google Keep and Google Calendar can be accessed in the dark mode.

Enhanced Security and Privacy: Android 10 will change how location-based data is available to aggregators such as Uber and Lyft. It will offer an option to have your location tracked only when you are using the app, and not afterward. Users also won't have to wait too long for security updates, as they will now be available in the Play Store. Google will also show how and what kind of user data is being accessed by apps.

Usage timing and well-being alerts: While Google started sending out usage reminders in the previous version of the operating system, it will now provide an enhanced version of it. Using Family Link, parents will be able to monitor kids' smartphone usage.

A new Focus Mode will let users delve into the phone's settings, find the most distracting notifications and pause them while letting through important ones. You can activate it in quick settings.

Improved Accessibility: The new Android version has improved accessibility. It has a feature called Live Captioning, which will apply text captions to pre-recorded videos. This will provide OS-wide captions.

Android 10 will also have support for professional hearing aids.

Android logo
An Android symbol on a blurred background Pixabay/Creative Commons