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While iPhone app store holds the pole position with sheer number of quality apps, Android is ranked the most extensively used smartphone platform. The two smartphone tech giants - Google and Apple - have extended their battle for supremacy into the smartphone apps market, besides their long standing rivalry in the smartphone platform (Android Vs iOS) arena.

Despite a common goal of consolidating their smartphone market shares, the two tech giants have chosen to differ in their apps pricing policies. Apple aims at the high-end segment with a maximum price cap for the apps at $999.99, while Google limits the most-expensive Android apps to $200 and thereby aiming towards the budget conscious consumer.

Thus, their varying pricing policies alone limit competition to some extent. However, the dire need for useful and sophisticated apps will never die down across either of the platforms, which should inspire the two tech giants to bring out quality apps for the discerning consumer.

Check out the most-expensive apps making waves across each of the platforms!