Valentine's Day could be one to remember for the Bahraini government... albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous, an increasingly prominent and active hacker collective, has reportedly hacked into a number of Web sites around the world, including that of the U.S.-based maker of teargas, used on protesters during the Bahrain rallies early last year).

The official tweet released by the group reads:

"TANGO DOWN: Bahrain govt's official website: #Bahrain #Anonymous #Feb14 #HackVDay."

The hacked Web sites also include,, and others.

"♥ Stay tuned for more Valentine's Day Hacks. Have you enjoyed the show so far? ♥ #HackVDay ," another tweet read.

Meanwhile, after the attack on the Combined System's home page - - the hackers posted the following message:

"COMBINEDSYSTEMS DEFACED AND RM'D BY ANONYMOUS ON ANNIVERSARY OF BAHRAIN UPRISING. So you war profiteering all crazy, selling mad chemical weapons to militaries and cop shops around the world, thinking you will get away unscathed by the rising tides of insurrection?... Combined Systems, lay down your arms: you just lost the game. From the streets of Oakland to Tahrir Square, to Palestine, Greece, Bahrain and Syria, your sinister instruments of torture and brutality have been used by the vile swine enforcers of the rich ruling classes to repress our revolutionary movements. You wave the Israeli flag outside of your offices, while just two months ago your tear gas cannisters fired by the IDF killed a man in the West Bank. Did you think we forgot? Why did you not expect us?"

The reference to Bahrain, in these posts, is to protests last February, when protesters gathered at the Pearl Roundabout for nearly a month. They were campaigning for increased political and social equality, for the majority Shia population of the country.