Twitter accounts associated with the Anonymous collective have posted messages promising a massive announcement later this week.

The statement was published on Tuesday, stemming from the YourAnonNews Twitter account. While remaining vague about the details, the account posted an ominous tweet promising a large announcement was coming.

"Stay tuned for a MASSIVE announcement from #Anonymous, coming later this week," read YourAnonNews's tweet. Following the message numerous other Anons - the name Anonymous members use to refer to themselves - retweeted the message.

Analysts have since taken the message as an indication that the collective is going to post data taken in a recent hack of an as yet unknown, high profile target. In the past the collective has posted data taken from the FBI, Soca and numerous military contractors after issuing such statements.

Many researchers have also offered an alternative theory suggesting the speculated attack will be a part of the collective's ongoing series of anti-Acta "protests".

Most recently, as a part of its ongoing anti-Acta campaign, on 16 February Anonymous hackers targeted two US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) websites. The attack saw the collective deface the sites' frontpages, replacing them with their own anti-Acta message.

More information about Anonymous's latest activities can be found on the International Business Times UK's Cyber Warfare section.

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