The photograph of a headless woman in bikini led the FBI to the arrest of Ochoa (theage.com)

A member of Anonymous has allegedly been arrested in Australia after authorities tracked down his identity and whereabouts from a graphic cleavage shot of a bikini-clad woman.

The FBI charged Higinio O Ochoa III, from Texas, with hacking into the websites of US law enforcement agencies and dumping personal information of police officers including their home addresses, home and mobile phone numbers.

The suspect is allegedly a member of CabinCr3w, an offshoot of the Anonymous hacking collective.

Ochoa also holds a Twitter account with the name AnonWormer. In February, it pointed followers to a website where data stolen from the law enforcement websites was published.

At the bottom of the website was a photograph of a woman, who authorities believe to be Ochoa's girlfriend. She was portrayed from the neck down, holding a sign saying "PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w

The FBI was able to trace the GPS co-ordinates from the picture, which led to a Melbourne suburb where Ochoa was arrested.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the FBI found two references on the web to the nickname "wormer", one of which had Ochoa's name on it.

Five hacktivist member of Anonymous offshoot Lulzsec were arrested in March by law enforcement officials in Europe and the US, who acted on information leaked by the group's prominent leader, Hextor Xavier Mensegu, called Sabu. LulzSec is allegedly responsible for billions of dollars in damage to governments, international banks and corporations through coordinated cyber-attacks.

Sabu was unmasked by the FBI in June 2011 and turned informant for the federal government to avoid jail after pleading guilty tocomputer hacking, fraud and identity theft.

Following the revelation that Sabu had turned on LulzSec, Anonymous remained defiant, posting a statement promising to "fight on".

Though the two are closely linked, the LulzSec group is separate to the larger Anonymous collective.

LulzSec started operations in 2011 with a more anarchistic ideology, targeting random organisations and companies "just for lulz" - internet jargon for laughs. Anonymous portrays itself as a hacktivist collective, picking its targets for perceived crimes against the world.

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