Anonymous Promise Troy Davis Execution Will Not Go Unpunished
The execution of Georgia man Troy Davis in connection with the murder of an off-duty Savannah police officer 22 years ago has evoked protests in different parts of the world. REUTERS/Georgia Department of

Anonymous has joined the thousands of individuals and organisations still convinced Troy Davis was innocent, promising a series of revenge attacks for what it and many others take as an unjust, state-sponsored killing.

The collective promised the attacks in a number of statements issued via its AnonymousIRC Twitter account.

"On this sad day you have changed the rule of the game, USA. We have adapted already. #TroyDavis, we will never forget you. #OccupyWallstreet" read one of Anonymous' tweets. "And now we show our respect for #TroyDavis with one hour of silence. You are a true martyr. May your journey be well. The world is with you."

The statements came just after news of Davis' execution became public. The case had garnered media attention after significant doubts were cast over Davis' guilt. The subsequent debate surrounding his death sentence soon saw the highest echelons of the U.S. judicial system become involved in the case.

According to numerous media reports, Davis maintained his innocence right up to his final moments.

"I want to talk to the MacPhail family," said Davis as he was being prepared for execution. "I was not responsible for what happened that night. I did not have a gun. I was not the one who took the life of your father, son, brother."

Following its initial statements of support, Anonymous' message took a darker tone, indicating plans to enact a number of revenge attacks on the U.S. authorities.

"Georgia has prepared for ddos? Did they also prepare for the next stage? Too bad there is no weekday starting with "G". #TTT #FFF #SSS," read one of the tweets. "#TheWorldWasWatching and has witnessed: The #USA is a barbaric, Orwellian police state. Like Libya, Egypt, Tunisia was. NEED CLEANSING."

As well as the hint of possible revenge attacks, Anonymous also issued a number of statements indicating it would shift its focus away from the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest to focus on its new excecution protest.

"And #OccupyWallstreet, we do not forget you. You will understand that we have our eyes on #TroyDavis now. Sail Strong! We're with you," read Anonymous' tweet.

The group did not clarify what form the new protest would take, though in the past the collective has mounted cyber attacks against governments and organisations it takes as having acted unjustly.