Following reports of police brutality against Occupy Wall Street protesters, Anonymous has issued a series of messages warning the authorities that the violence will not go unpunished.

The reports of police violence emerged Wednesday following conflicting reports of police arresting protesters. A number of statements by Anonymous subsequently emerged claiming members of the media team covering the event had been arrested. Following the report the group issued a call for aid to help keep the live video feed chronicling the event running.

After the call for aid, a number of videos appeared on YouTube showing a number of the "violent" arrests. The videos contained footage of police wrestling a number of individuals from the crowd of protesters. It later showed one protester being dragged along the floor and handcuffed.

Just after the footage appeared, via its AnonymousIRC Twitter feed, Anonymous issued a series of statements indicating it planned to enact a series of revenge attacks against the authorities.

"We know you can arrest us as you please. But you better expect us to fight back with all we have. And we have nothing to lose. You do" read one of the tweets. "With every day that passes, you will need to shut up hundreds of people. Soon thousands. Eventually all. Who you think will win?"

The statements were all made during Adbusters' Occupy Wall Street protest. The campaign began Saturday with around 1,000 individuals rallying in Manhattan's Financial District. The initial call-to-arms asked for 20,000.

Reports now generally estimate the number of protesters at around 200, though it is worth noting a number of claims sent to the IBTimes have since disputed this, claiming the actual number is far higher.

The campaign is reportedly being enacted to protest Wall Street's current influence on American policy.

As well as threatening attacks for the arrests, Anonymous also issued a series of statements alleging it would take action to protest the U.S.' ruling to allow the execution of Troy Davis.

"On this sad day you have changed the rule of the game, USA. We have adapted already. #TroyDavis, we will never forget you. #OccupyWallstreet," read one of Anonymous' tweets regarding the execution.

The video feed showing the Occupy Wall Street protest has since gone back online and can be viewed here.