Anonymous Hackers Release Statement, Live Video Stream of Adbusters’ Occupy Wall Street Protest
Following the launch of Adbusters' Occupy Wall Street protest on Saturday, hacker collective Anonymous has released a fresh statement and live video feed explaining and chronicling its involvement. Wikimedia

As a part of Anonymous Operation Anti-Security and to mourn the anniversary of the Sivas Katliamı, the RedHack hacker Group has claimed responsibility for a slew of hacks defacing 1000 websites.

The hacks targeted hundreds of websites owned both by the Turkish Government and prominent Islamic Creationist Adnan Oktar -- also known as Harun Yahya.

The group claimed responsibility for the mass-hack via a statement it issued to The Hacker News. The statement was subsequently publicised by the Anonymous hacker collective via its Twitter feed.

In the statement RedHack highlighted that the hacks were both a part of Anonymous' ongoing campaign against the Turkish Government's internet censorship policies and a reminder that it had not forgotten the Sivas Katliamı -- Sivas Massacre.

The massacre occurred 2 July, 1993 after a mob of radical Islamists raided the Otel Madımak where a number of artists, writers and musicians were gathering to celebrate 16th century Alevi poet Pir Sultan Abdal.

The mob reportedly disapproved of the presence of Aziz Nesin, a writer who had translated and published extracts from Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. The raid led to the deaths of 35 intellectuals, singers, authors and poets.

Red Hack cited the massacre as a key example of how radicals had been allowed to take control of Turkey enforcing barbaric laws that ran contrary to the will of the Turkish people. It went on to cite Adnan Oktar as a key member of the "fascist" radicals.

"We have also taken opportunity to highlight the censorship laws due to take effect in Turkey and strongly protest this. We deface 1000+ domain for anti-censorship.

"Adnan Oktar is responsible of forced shutdown of lots of sites in Turkey. He has send a police to the addresses of online dictionary writers and got them arrested just because they have criticised him. While we are engaged in the activities of AntiSec, it has been our honour to show our reaction in the name of our people, to stop this vile bigoted man who uses his estate and his money for his paranoid and fascist ideas."

The group went on to state its intention to carry on contributing to the Anonymous and LulzSec-born Operation Anti-Security.

"It has been our honour to show our reaction in the name of our people, to stop this vile bigoted man who uses his estate and his money for his paranoid and fascist ideas, while we are engaged in the activities of AntiSec.

"We will act together with AntiSec and Anons to continue our fight against the hands that are reaching to silence our internet. We will also announce the server data and the details of this hacking operation in the future."

The news comes just after the hacker group Script Kiddies claimed a recent hack on Fox News tweeting U.S. President Barack Obama as dead as being enacted as a part of Operation AntiSec.