Twitter abuse aimed at Labour MP Luciana Berger has worsened since a man was jailed for anti-semitic abuse Twitter

Vile anti-Semitic abuse aimed at Jewish MP Luciana Berger on Twitter has got worse and is threatening her safety, according to her peers and the police.

John Mann MP stood up for fellow parliamentarian Berger by demanding the social media website clamps down on Twitter trolls.

Mann told speaker John Bercow the abuse actually had "deepened and worsened" since a man was jailed for sending Berger an image of a yellow star stamped on her forehead.

He said: "If the medium used was a newspaper, I am quite certain that the House would demand that the editor be dragged to the bar of the House and forced to explain himself or herself."

Liverpool Wavertree MP Berger has been bombarded by abuse since the jailing of 21-year-old Garron Helm for trolling her on Twitter.

Helm's conviction has done nothing to stem the tide of "vitriolic and violent" anti-Jewish abuse on Twitter.

Police even warned Berger her personal safety is at risk as a result. Friends said she is troubled by the nature and scale of the abuse.

Bercow – whose wife Sally was a Twitter celebrity before leaving the website in a scandal over the identity of alleged child sex abusers – condemned the abuse as "despicable and beneath contempt".

Twitter has faced repeated calls to take action against cyber bullies who use the site as a platform for abuse.