The White House
Organisers plan to establish a permanent base near the White House to protest against Donald Trump's presidency Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Organisers and activists opposed to President-elect Donald Trump's move to the White House plan to set up a "movement house" nearby as a permanent base for protests.

The base will be located in Capitol Hill, Washington DC, so protesters can mobilise quickly in the face of any Trump policies they particularly dislike.

It has been dubbed District 13 in reference to the area from the Hunger Games books and movies, where a rebellion is born.

The activists hope to have the base established by 20 January, when Trump is inaugurated into office.

"Ultimately, it's to make sure we hold him accountable," Moumita Ahmed, founder of Millennials for Revolution, one of the coalition of groups involved in the plan, told the Guardian.

"His presidency is not normal at all. It's our duty to make sure he doesn't succeed.

"If he succeeds it's a message that everything he stood for is OK. That it's OK to get to power in the way that he did, and hurt all the people he's hurt."

District 13 will be open to activist groups from around the country who want to demonstrate in the capital, Ahmed said. It will be reminiscent of houses in the civil rights era, which served as a safe haven for people to plan marches and protests.

The activists, a majority of whom campaigned for Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries, have launched a crowd-funding campaign which aims to reach $50,000 (£40,437) to cover one year's rent on the house.

A statement on the campaign page reads: "We're going to take the fight to Trump by building a base right in the heart of Capitol Hill.

"You and Millennials for Revolution are going to open a house for activists in residence to counter the Trump Administration's every move. There will be many, many efforts to stop Trump and the GOP from stripping abortion rights, drilling national parks, and threatening civil rights.

"Following our historic unity as People for Bernie, we've decided that the best way can make an impact right now is to create a safe and welcoming space for activists at the gates of Trump's White House."