You can now download the Android Application Package [APK] for Google's redesigned Gmail aka Gmail 5.0. The biggest advantage of the revamped Gmail app is the Android L-like 'Material Design' that promises a brand new user-interface.

According to an Android Police report, apart from offering a visually refreshed interface, the new Gmail 5.0 brings with it a host of new functionalities.

Predominant among them is the support for Exchange Active Sync and integration of all emails from Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and all IMAP/POP3 email services.

Thus, the new Gmail also serves as a 'unified platform' which allows reading emails from various services, under a common area.

To download the APKs for Gmail 5.0, navigate to the links below:

[URL Courtesy: Android Police]

Google also updates 'Google Play Music' with Material Design and New Enhancements

Recently, the internet giant effected a major update to its Google Play Music service, and the new update not only brings along the 'Material design' UI, but also automatically streams songs chosen (based on your mood) by the company's expert music team, thus enabling you to create customised 'Activity-based Music Stations'.

All you need to do is choose an activity (could be your current activity as well), and Google will prompt you to play a specified music for a particular time of day, mood or activity.

Based on the chosen activity, you will receive options for several music stations.

With Material Design an integral part of the new update, users should now notice bigger images, bolder colours and slick transitions.

Users get to choose from over 30 million songs, and the redesigned 'Listen Now' page is accessible to users across countries where Google Play Music is available.