In accordance with World Aids Day, tech giant Apple announced an expanded partnership with RED, a global movement that campaigns to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases by the year 2030. The move aims to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa, and at the same time protect the communities in the said continent from COVID-19.

Apple has again proven that it takes cognisance of its huge social responsibility as it expanded its partnership with RED in order to help grappling communities around the world in their fight against HIV/AIDS, while also protecting them from COVID-19.

For many years, Apple customers were able to help support the global fight against HIV/AIDS by purchasing (RED) products. This collaboration was able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the said cause. Now, with its new lineup of iPhone 12s, consumers may continue supporting the tech giant in fighting HIV/AIDS as well as provide aid for COVID-19 stricken regions.

Apple has ensured a huge range of (PRODUCT)RED devices are available for the holiday season. Accessories for them also abound. There are several variants of Apple products, the purchase of which will essentially contribute to the noble cause.

The Apple products include iPhone 12 mini (PRODUCT)RED, iPhone 12 (PRODUCT)RED, and Apple Watch Series 6 (PRODUCT)RED. The company, until June 30, will be directing a hundred percent of the eligible proceeds from these products to the Global Fund's COVID-19 response in order to be able to provide treatment and services to a number of vulnerable communities in the world.

Until Dec. 7, Apple would be donating $1 for every purchase made at the Apple website, in the Apple store, or through Apple Pay to the Global Fund's COVID-19 Response.

In the company's effort to raise more awareness for World AIDS Day, hundreds of Apple stores are marking the day with window displays showing a tint of red or simply with red logos. Aside from this, Apple is also running World Aids Day collection, which they can access through Apple TV. Those who may have no idea where to access it may do so in the Watch Now tab.

In the App Store, Medisafe is being highlighted, as it is able to help people manage their medications. It is also giving recognition to OkaySo, which could help provide a forum where people may be able to ask sensitive questions on health and receive expert answers.

Apple expands partnership with RED. Photo: Pixabay