As indicated by the leaked copy of iOS 14, Apple has launched several new products for 2020. A few months ago these were merely rumours, but the code exposed most of the upcoming hardware from the manufacturer. With the global success of the Series 4 and 5 smartwatch models, the American tech outfit hopes to follow up with another feature-packed iteration of its popular wearable. While there have been hints as to what changes will ship with the device, a recently discovered patent might have exposed some new functionalities of the Apple Watch Series 6.

The documents were labelled as "Portable Electronic Device As Health Companion" and includes some fascinating talking points. Aside from the first-generation units, all succeeding installments were designed to survive water-based activities such as swimming. The upcoming gadget will likely retain its robust construction but add a water sensor, as reported by Tom's Guide.

According to the details listed in the patent application, the integrated sensor can identify the type of water the smartwatch is in contact with. With the help of advanced algorithms and information in context to the user's location, calendar, and weather The system will then try to analyse if the owner is simply caught in the rain, swimming, sweating, or might have accidentally fallen into a body of water. This will be displayed as a UI element on the Apple Watch Series 6 screen.

Similar to the detecting Atrial Fibrillation and hard falls, the wearable should be able to contact emergency services if it detects a situation that could lead to drowning. In a related report earlier this year, an Apple Watch user was allegedly saved the wearable after he fell from a cliff into a river and injured his back. Other potential warnings could come from contaminants in the water or alerts about riptides and shark sightings in open water.

Apple Watch Series 5
The fifth-generation Apple Watch has new features including ambient noise monitoring and a "compass" to keep users properly oriented AFP / Josh Edelson

Apple is expected to go all-in and add requested functions such as sleep tracking with the Watch Series 6. Mental health tracking is likewise being eyed as another feature that could be included. In addition to the water sensor, another patent shows a potential redesign wherein the digital crown is replaced by an optical sensor instead. The wearable could be slated to launch alongside the iPhone 12 series in September.