IPhone 5 Release Date 2012: Five Reasons To Avoid 4G LTE Service, Especially For Verizon Wireless
Not content with the iPhone 4S, speculation has returned to Apple's iPhone 5. Apple

According to yet more unconfirmed reports, Apple's next entry into the iPhone series will go against deceased co-founder Steve Jobs' wishes by housing a new 4-inch screen.

According to a new report from iLounge, the coming iPhone 5 will be 8mm longer than Apple's current iPhone 4S, housing a new 4-inch screen. Citing a series of unnamed sources, the site went on to claim that the new device will feature the same flat edges as the iPhone 4 -- apparently quashing previous speculation that it would have tapered edges.

The new design was reportedly ditched to make space for the device's upgraded battery. Not one to let a lack of official information stop it, the site went on to report that the iPhone 5 is on track for a summer 2012 release, currently being in the engineering, not early production stage of development.

If true the design would reportedly break from the "final wishes" of Jobs. He reportedly blocked the idea of stretching the iPhone's screen last year. The decision was apparently motivated by his desire not to "fragment" the user's experience of the iOS interface.

The new iPhone 5 rumour comes alongside yet more reports regarding Apple's other unconfirmed device, the iPad 3. Tech site 9to5Mac issued its own report suggesting it had confirmed the device's existence Tuesday. Following the same pattern as iLounge's iPhone rumour, 9to5Mac suggested the device would also be larger, with Apple increasing the iPad's thickness to house a new higher resolution screen.

Apple has yet to confirm any of this.