Apple's latest iOS update is out and it has introduced a new set of emojis - featuring different skin tones and same-sex relationships.

According to Apple's support page, iOS 8.3 released over 300 new emojis, including illustrations of families that include two male parents or two female parents, certain emojis in six skin tones and 32 new country flags.

Twitter users took to the micro blogging website to share their reaction on the emoji update.

However, many raised their voice over the bright yellow skin tone in the new emojis representing Asians.

Apple had previously revealed that it was working towards improving the diversity among emoji characters for the iPhone.

"Apple supports and cares deeply about diversity, and is working with The Unicode Consortium to update the standard so that it better represents diversity for all of us," an Apple spokesperson said, according to ABC News.

Apart from the emoji update, iOS 8.3 also includes a list of bug fixes and improvements related to Wi-Fi disconnecting issues, and other fixes in Messages, Family Sharing, CarPlay, Enterprise, Accessibility and more.

Apple's voice assistant Siri will have support for seven more languages — Russian, Dutch, Thai, Danish, Turkish, Swedish and Portuguese.