James Wan took to social media to reveal the title for "Aquaman 2," but his announcement only reignited petitions to fire Amber Heard from the movie.

The actress started trending on Twitter shortly after the director shared a photo taken from a production meeting for the film. In it, he also revealed that the sequel is called "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

While the announcement delighted fans of the movie, there were also those who expressed their disappointment. Those who have consistently been seeking "Justice for Johnny Depp" are once again calling on Warner Bros. to remove Heard and recast her character, Mera. There were even those who called for a boycott until the actress is replaced.

"I, as well as everyone I know and have spoken to, will not be watching Aquaman 2 if Amber Heard is a part of the project! We are fans but we will not support an abuser!" one Twitter user commented on Wan's announcement posted via the official page of the movie.

"Aquaman 2 is called 'The Lost Kingdom.' It's lost alright, lost a lot of people because they kept Amber Heard, to this day I have not watched the first one because of her and now I'll add the second one to that list of to never watch," another chimed in.

"As much as I would love to watch Aquaman 2, they are yet to fire Amber Heard, so I'll be refusing to watch it until then," another Depp fan commented.

"I won't be watching either. She's on camera admitting to hitting him. If a man were caught on camera admitting to the things she did he would be fired before the recording played through," another tweeted.

"Friendly reminder: if amber heard is in #aquaman2 and you pay to watch it, then you are supporting an abuser who lied about donating millions to terminally ill children," another fan commented.

Warner Bros. remains mum on Heard's alleged domestic abuse charges. While the studio has fired Depp from "Fantastic Beasts," it has apparently decided to keep her in "Aquaman 2" despite the petitions and calls for boycott. The actress also recently expressed her excitement to get back to filming with Jason Momoa.

Amber Heard
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