The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) are in talks to purchase an Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system, according to reports by Sky News. The Bahraini Foreign Minster, Khaled bin Mohammed, told the network that "the Israelis have their small Iron Dome. We'll have a much bigger one in the GCC."

The GCC includes countries such as Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The Iron Dome system is used by Israel to intercept rockets fired from Gaza. The GCC are said to be planning the purchase in response to a growing stockpile of weapons in Iran and worries over sanctions being lifted after the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 group of nations.

"Iran has been trying to undermine and topple government in our region for years," said the Foreign Minister. The US is reportedly acting as an intermediary between the Gulf States and Israeli companies in attempts to dampen anger in the region over the nuclear deal.

The GCC nations are currently fighting against Houthi rebels in Yemen, claiming that the Houthis are backed by Iran.

UPDATE: Bahrain refutes reports the country is in talks to buy Israeli Iron Dome