A duck who has made a home in a puddle next to a Daybrook bus stop has become an internet sensation after getting its own Facebook fan page.

The Daybrook Duck has around 60 followers on his fan page which was set up by Owen Baxter, a 43-year-old art and design technician at Nottingham Trent University.

Members of the page regularly post pictures of the duck near its puddle on Mansfield Road.

According to the Nottingham Post, the duck that was first spotted by Baxter on 11 January, was named "Arnold".

However, experts have said that the Muscovy duck is a she and could also bring her ducklings to The Vale bus stop in the coming spring.

Baxter said: "She is there almost every day around 8 or 9am.

"I called her Arnold because she is at the stop where all the buses to Arnold go.

"We are getting through winter; everybody is feeling a bit down, it is nice having something a bit different.

"She brightens the morning and makes you feel a bit more cheerful. Hopefully this group brings a few people a smile."

According to Sheila Wright, curator of biology at Wollaton Hall, Arnold is a female feral duck who might have come from the nearby lake at Arnot Hill Park.

She said: "They are very common at duck ponds, along with feral Mallards. The domestic Muscovy Duck breed has its origins in the wild Muscovy Duck which is native to Mexico and parts of Central and South America."