Arsene Wenger says he trusts his assistants at Arsenal with his darkest secrets, with the manager revealing more of a jovial side in a Twitter Q&A with fans.

Wenger has now been the manager for the Gunners for a total of 17 years and although the Frenchman insisted that Sir Alex Ferguson's 26 year tenure at Manchester United would be hard to match he is slowly closing in now the Scot has retired.

The manager called his time with Arsenal a '17 year long love story' and revealed who he trusts the most at the club, telling fans: "I trust my assistants, we speak every day about our problems. All my staff are the first people I speak to."

When asked who he thought was better out of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo - a question that got Sepp Blatter into some trouble recently as he ridiculed the latter - Wenger admitted that he believes Ronaldo has taken over as the world's current greatest.

He said: "It's difficult, Messi was on top until now but in the last year maybe Ronaldo is in front, he is very athletic."

Wenger has admitted in the past that Arsenal were close to signing Ronaldo before he made the move to Manchester United, with the manager ruing having missed out on one of the world's best talents.

But Wenger has made his name by bringing players through the academy with one such success story being Jack Wilshere who is expected to be a major player for both club and country for many years to come.

When asked which position he believes the midfielder is at his best in, he replied: "His best position is as a deep-lying midfielder, where he can be a distributor. He has a good burst and vision."