Arsenal have been charged by the Football Association for breaching the Football Agents Regulations regarding last summer's Calum Chambers transfer.

Chambers, 20, left Southampton to sign for the Gunners on 26 July 2014.

The defender's agent, Alan Middleton, has also been charged for breaching the same FA rules.

Middleton has until 17 June to respond to the charge, while Arsenal have already requested for more time to make their response on 26 June.

The Daily Telegraph suggests the charge comes after a complaint from a third party over the fee received by the agent.

Arsenal have since issued a statement defending their position.

"We have acted in good faith throughout with regard to this transfer," the statement read.

"We are considering our position and will make appropriate representations to the FA."

Reports in February 2015 initially suggested a 'disgruntled third party' had taken issue with the transfer, despite it going through amicably between Arsenal and Southampton representatives.

Arsene Wenger was also dismissive of claims of wrong play when the issue arose. "Yes, I am very happy about his transfer. I made over 350 transfers since I am here. We have a lot of enquiries about them and we never had any problem."