Arsene Wenger has revealed that he has not lost the temper that has helped him achieve so much over the years. The Arsenal manager is awaiting the verdict of the FA charge following his tussle with the fourth official in the Gunners' 2-1 win against Burnley last weekend.

The Arsenal manager faces an extended stadium ban and a hefty fine for his indiscretions on the touchline after referee Jon Moss called for a penalty to the visitors in extra time. The Gunners were saved when Moss handed the north London club a penalty on the opposite end of the pitch, keeping their title challenge alive.

Wenger was already sent off by that time but the manager stuck around, citing that he did not know that he had to leave the tunnel area. He was eventually charged but Wenger insists that he has no regrets over losing his temper, as it is the same trait that kept him at the top of English football for so long.

"I haven't been touched by that yet," said Wenger, as quoted by the Mirror, when asked if his temper has mellowed with age. "You do not make 34 years without interruption on the bench (as a manager) if you are not super-passionate. I will put you in this job for six months and then we will talk again — if you are still alive.

"I've been in England for 20 years, I have seen a lot on the bench, as you certainly know. I think if I am, after 34 years, still in the job it is because I am big enough to stand up for what I do. And I'm big enough to know when I do well and when I do not do well. When I don't behave like I think I should behave, I'm big enough say 'Yes, that's not right', and that's it."

Arsene Wenger apologises for being sent to the stand
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger apologised for being sent sent to the stand during Arsenal's last gasp win over Burnley on 22 January.