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Arsenal's Arsene Wenger and Chelsea's Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge Getty

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes winning is important but teams should "excelling in style", rather than just "park the bus" – something that Jose Mourinho's Chelsea have been accused of doing.

The Blues were greeted with chants of "Boring, Boring Chelsea" on their visit to the Emirates Stadium in April, which was not taken well by the Portuguese manager and he hit back by taking a dig at Arsenal's recent trophy haul. However, Wenger revealed that he has not lost any respect for Mourinho and tries his best to act in a dignified manner on and off the pitch.

"The rivalry is real but it has to be respectful and I believe that managers sometimes, in the heat of the game, [the] passion gets out of control," he said.

"When I'm guilty, I'm guilty, and I regret that always but basically you have to respect each other, because if in our own job we don't respect each other... the job is difficult enough, and I always find that a guy who doesn't do that you lose a good opinion."

The Frenchman explained that Arsenal try to play fluid and entertaining football as he believes it is a supporter's right to expect an enthralling 90 minutes on the pitch. The manager insists that it is not always successful but it is better to try and fail than play conservative football, which is not pleasing to the eye.

When asked if a team can be boring and yet win more games, Wenger said: "That's what people say when you don't win but let's not forget you can be boring and lose as well, I believe big clubs have a responsibility to win but to win with style."

"I believe that our sport has moved forward a lot on the technical side, on the physical side, on the tactical side but as well we must not forget the values that our sport carries through the generations.

"And one of them is that the vibes coming out of a team, going into the stands, they don't lie. I always like to think that the guy who wakes up in the morning after a hard week of work, has that moment, that fraction of a second when he opens his eyes and thinks: 'Oh, today I go to watch my team!' and it makes him happy. He thinks: 'I can see something special today.' We're not always in a position to guarantee that but we have to try," he added.