Asiana Airlines
An Asiana Airlines flight has reportedly made a hard landing in Hiroshima iStock

More than 20 passengers of Asiana Airlines flight OZ162 have been reportedly hurt in a hard landing in Japan.

Local media reported the Airbus A320 carrying 74 passengers and seven crew members went off the runaway after landing at Japan's Hiroshima Airport.

At least 23 people suffered minor injuries in the incident, according to The Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

Images from the scene posted online depicted fire engines and other emergency services around the aircraft that was lying on the Tarmac seemingly without landing gear.

The passenger jet had departed from Seoul's Inchon Airport in South Korea. Weather conditions in Hiroshima were said to be rainy.

The local fire department said the plane's tail touched the runway during landing, causing some sparks but no flames.

Broadcaster NHK said aviation authorities shut Hiroshima airport down due to the incident.

In July 2013, Asiana Flight 214 crash landed in San Francisco, killing three passengers.