Cyber Weekend has raked in a record amount of online sales this year but is it a question of quality versus quantity?

While the explosion in online spending, particularly shopping for tablet devices, has become so important to profit margins of retailers in the festive season, it seems that some people have decided to avoid the usual purchases and decidedly picked out the more bizarre presents.

E-commerce market place company,, conducted a nationwide survey to find out from female customers what were the worst presents they had ever received.

1. A cabbage

2. A beard trimmer

3. A Poo-shaped key ring

4. A cement mixer

5. A bag of compost

6. Windscreen wipers

7. A sack of potatoes

8. A packet of salt

9. A thong - picked by partner's mother

10. Rubber gloves

However, the data shows that nearly half of UK women (49.9%) will be disappointed during the holidays because their partner will fail to buy them the perfect gift while nearly 1 in 2 women (42%) have ditched the partners who gave them the awful gifts in the past.

Sadly, a quarter of women admitted their partners had never even bought them a gift.

"Buying gifts can be a minefield - but we were truly shocked at some of the items the ladies we surveyed had received," said Ben Blomerley, Founder of

"There's nothing wrong with picking an unusual but thoughtful gift, unfortunately these partners completely forgot the thoughtful part!"