ASUS Padfone
ASUS Padfone - Smartphone Tablet Hybrid

That's right. The Padfone is neither a tablet nor a smartphone entirely in itself. In fact, it is a hybrid that attempts at merging a smartphone with a tablet computer.

ASUS also known as ASUSTeK Computer Inc., is expected to unveil the bizarre mobile device - Padfone on February 27. The smartphone is a touchscreen phone that looks similar to your standard Android device and snugly fits into the slot at the rear of a tablet PC.

Padfone Compartment
Padfone Compartment that can house a smartphone

A smooth lock mechanism encloses the smartphone within the hatch that reclines into the tablet shell, which is an impressive feature. The Taiwanese computer and device maker is expected to reveal the much hyped Padfone at the annual Mobile World Conference scheduled for next month in Barcelona.

ASUS Padfone
ASUS Padfone

Though the logic behind the hybrid concept sounds interesting, it is still an uncharted territory for the renowned computer device maker. People might benefit sharing files, contacts and other personal data between their smartphone and tablet hybrid device quite conveniently as both devices share a single SIM card. Besides, the larger battery in the tablet could aid in recharging the smartphone as and when needed.

ASUS has so far been successful in its endeavours including the low-powered netbook and gaming laptop investments. It has for quite some time been the hallmark of gamers worldwide, better known for its cooling solutions and gaming motherboards.

The new switch in focus towards the smartphone arena is probably inspired by the glorious run of domestic smartphone makers such as the famed Indian brand - Micromax getting into the fray with budget offerings and innovative products.

Big established PC brands like Dell, HP and Intel have not been so successful in the mobile phone arena. Yet, the lucrative smartphone business has sparked an insatiable thirst for market shares between the established and upcoming brands.

Besides, the thin line between smartphones and the tablet world is fading away with each passing day. So, it is only apt that ASUS has shown its mettle in trying to cater to the needs of this undefined market. One might only hope that this bizarre attempt from ASUS doesn't backfire like the rest of the PC-makers'.

Check out this cool ASUS Padfone - Behind the scene video:

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