Donald Trump inauguration
President Donald Trump delivers his inaugural address on the West Front of the US Capitol Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donald Trump surprised many by wining the 2016 presidential election. Less than a year later, the race for 2020 has already begun.

Rallies, fundraisers and political manoeuvring are already underway in Washington, as possible challengers to Trump test the waters to see if a viable election campaign is possible.

But despite there being another three years until the next election, one gambler has already got a stake in 2020.

A man in Australia has taken the plunge and placed a large bet on President Trump's chances of winning again.

The unidentified man has gambled $120,000 on Trump taking the White House for a second time.

He had initially placed a bet of $20,000 at 11/4 and later placed a second bet at $100,000 at 12/5.

The future of Trump's presidency has been marred by a series of controversies and claims about Russian interference, as well as a string of firings and resignations.

But his former chief strategist, Steve Bannon predicted over the weekend that Trump would ease to a second election victory.

He claimed that Trump would, despite the ongoing Russian investigations, finish his first term and go on to pick up more than 400 electoral college votes in 2020.

In last year's election, Trump won 304 electoral college votes, a little over the 270 required to win.

The last presidential victor to take more than 400 college votes was George H W Bush, who in 1988, won 40 states as well as 426 electoral college votes.