Joe Russo, co-director of Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame," updated everyone on the status of Keanu Reeves' superhero movie called "Past Midnight." He shared that the film is still in its early stages but assured fans that it is going to have a good story.

The filmmaker was recently at a press junket for his latest film, "21 Bridges," when he was asked about the status of "Past Midnight" in terms of pre-production. The movie was announced nearly two years ago, and Joe, along with his brother Anthony, have yet to actually share details about the film.

"Past Midnight's still in a very formative stage. So it's probably not best to talk about it yet, but it is a fascinating script," Joe told Inverse.

The film was announced with Reeves taking on the lead role as a "vigilante superhero." Rick Famuyiwa was set to direct from a story by TJ Fixman ("Ratchet & Clank").

The Russo Brothers have been working on several projects to get their production company, ABGO, working. Aside from "Past Midnight," they are also producing and directing "Cherry," a film which stars "Spider-Man: Far From Home" star Tom Holland.

Despite them no longer working for Marvel, the directors still seem very close to the actors who have portrayed superhero roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Aside from Holland, they also worked with "Black Panther" star Chadwick Boseman on "21 Bridges," which comes out in theaters on Nov. 21.

As for Reeves, this would be the first time he plays a superhero, although no details have been revealed about his character's name in "Past Midnight." Little has been revealed about the movie. However, it seems to be heavy in action, something that Reeves is very much acquainted with by now, after having starred in the "John Wick" movie franchise.

According to reports, Netflix is going to distribute "Past Midnight" as part of its growing list of original film releases. This is also not the first time that the Russo Brothers have considered Reeves for a superhero role. They dig the idea of him portraying Moon Knight, a former U.S. marine who is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

John Wick: Chapter Two
Keanu Reeves in "John Wick: Chapter Two." Summit Entertainment