Fifteen-month-old Oliver Morgan was miraculously revived after born with no blood in his body.

He was born with a rare medical condition as there was no adequate blood supply in his mother's womb, reports the Sun.

When Oliver was born he was pale and still-born, showing no signs of heartbeat for about 25 minutes.

The baby was given blood supply, heart massage and oxygen support, immediately after he was born. Blood transfusion was given to Oliver even before his umbilical cord was cut off.

A Cesarean was performed on Oliver's mother Katy when she was into 37 and ½ weeks of pregnancy. She had a rare pregnancy condition called Vasa Previa.

The baby's parents told the paper that Oliver was born at 5.12 am (local time) at Maidstone General Hospital, Kent, and doctors noted his first heartbeat at 5.37 am after successfully resuscitating him.

The baby was kept in special care unit for three days after his birth; the doctors lowered his body temperature to ensure that his brain does not suffer any damage due to lack of oxygen supply.

The baby was made to wear a coat which kept him at 33°C and allowed blood flow from skin to his brain and heart.

After three days, his body temperature was slowly raised to the normal 37°C. And milk was directly pumped to his stomach.

After spending 11 days in the hospital Oliver was allowed to go home.

In Vasa Previa, umbilical cord and placenta grow on the lower part of the uterus near the cervical opening. When a woman with Vasa Previa goes into labour, the blood vessels at the cervix can rupture causing rapid loss of blood in the newborn's body. If undetected during the early stages of pregnancy, it can prove fatal for the baby. It is reported to occur in one in 2,500 pregnancies.