A video has been released showing the moment a baby elephant was rescued after falling into a 30ft-deep uncovered well in Andhra Pradesh, India. The incident, which took place in Ramakuppam village in the country's southern Chittoor district on 23 August, occurred when the baby elephant fell into the well when a herd was wandering through the area at night.

Villagers claim to have been woken at dawn by the anguished sounds of the animal trapped in the hole. Around 25 pachyderms approached the well to try and retrieve the baby elephant, but forest officials diverted them from the area. Hundreds of local villagers flocked to the site to watch as a digger was used to create a slope for the animal to climb up out of the hole.

Upon escaping, the distressed elephant proceeded to charge at the crowds, causing onlookers to flee. Officials state that the baby elephant suffered no injuries and was successfully reunited with the rest of the herd.