A baby girl weighing a whopping 13lb and 8oz (6.11 Kg) and 57 centimetres long has been born in Germany and is said to be the heaviest baby ever born in the country.

The baby named Jasleen was born naturally on 25 July at the University Hospital in Leipzig.

"I have never released so heavy child as the one before," Professor Holger Stepan of obstetrics at the hospital, said.

According to doctors, ultrasound, which is usually used to estimate the birth weight of a newborn, is significantly low for pregnant overweight women. Moreover, baby Jasleen's mother had an undiscovered gestational diabetes that unfortunately contributed to the baby's weight.

Though the mother gave birth to baby Jasleen without a caesarean surgery, the baby had to be kept in the natal care unit for a while.

"How big and heavy that the child actually was then, that was a sensation for all involved," Stepan added. "We nevertheless chose to try a natural birth because for a child of this size and excess weight of the mother, a caesarean section would have been associated with significant risk."

Baby Jasleen has set a new record as the heaviest child ever born without caesarean section in Germany, surpassing a six-kilogram boy, also born naturally at Berlin's Charité hospital in November 2011.