Sheikh Khalifa PM of Bahrain
Sheikh Khalifa PM of Bahrain Reuters

The Bahraini government is attempting to close down two opposition Shia groups, as it continues its campaign to bring an end to political unrest.

A lawsuit has been filed to shut down Islamic Action Association and al-Wefaq, who both stand accused of "harming social peace and national unity".

In last year's parliamentary election Al-Wefaq won nearly a third of the seats, however the party resigned them all following the government's use of violence against protestors.

So far at least 25 people are confirmed to have been killed in the government crackdown, while around 400 people are believed to have been arrested.

The violence in Bahrain has highlighted some of the religious divides in the region, with Sunni Saudi Arabia backing the Sunni government of Bahrain. The Bahraini government has in turn blamed Shia Iran for promoting the protests of Bahrain's Shia majority.