Bangkok Blasts
Bangkok blasts Facebook/Manik Sethisuwan

Thailand Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul has been quoted in a report by Australia Network News as saying the government had charged two Iranian suspects in connection with the failed bomb plot in Bangkok.

"They are charged with causing an illegal explosion in a public area and attempting to kill police officers and members of the public," Tovichakchaikul reportedly said.

The blasts in question were a series of three bombs, that exploded off a main street in Bangkok, on the morning of Feb. 14. Authorities quickly reported they had identified one of the attackers, based on a passport and other documents found near and on him, as Saeid Morabi.

There were apparently a team of three suspected Iranians, according to another report by BBC. The second suspect was reportedly arrested while trying to board a flight out of the country; a Guardian report mentioned that authorities found explosive materials in a house apparently rented by the bomber, the second suspect and one other person. The third, according to Thai police is still at large and may have fled to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, according to an AP report, Thailand's Immigration Police Chief, Lt. Gen. Wiboon Bangthamai, identified the third suspect as Zedhaghat Zadech Masoud, an Iranian.

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