Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, the real life Barbie who had claimed on her blog to be the most famed woman on the Russian-language internet, is getting to be known globally.

With more than 4,000 followers on her Facebook page, and her YouTube channel, Amatue, she has already crossed 1.5 million video views. She hit the spotlight with her icy-blue eyes, doll-like features, long blonde hair and sleek body which make her look like a real-life Barbie. The 21- year-old reveals the secret of her fitness in a series of video blogs in Amatue 21.

"I am engaged in spiritual practices and meditation. I do not need meat, I eat only fruits...and my ultimate goal is to be powered only by solar energy," Valeria claims.

The reaction to her "beauty" has been mixed. While some are head-over-heels over her looks, some feel she is a total fake.

"Come to New Zealand and marry me," Clinton Slack said on her Facebook page.

"I'll marry you right where you are," Grama Adrian counter-attacked the proposal.

Her still expression with no-smile has gained dislikes too.

"u dont even look real... r u an alien? dont get me wrong, yeah ur pretty and all but like unnaturally," Liz Geraldes said.

"In all of her pictures she never smiles or shows her teeth???????? Could her teeth be imperfect for Barbie?" Cindy Corrente said.

The Ukrainian has reportedly undergone plastic surgery as well as used everyday cosmetics to transform herself into a real-life Barbie. In a spoof video released in, an animated Valeria is shown going to a plastic surgeon's office to attain her figure, and the flawless complexion is the result of putty.

This obsession to turn like a doll is not the first. A 15-year-old, Venus Angelic, as she is known online, had gained much popularity for her YouTube tutorials on how to look like a living doll.

Nonetheless Lukyanova has grabbed the world's eyeballs. Checkout more images of the "Barbie Girl".

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