Lionel Messi has been strongly linked with a move to French giants Paris Saint-Germain ever since FC Barcelona confirmed last week that he won't be able to continue playing for them. However, PSG is now facing a complaint that was lodged against them by Barcelona fans, asking the European Commission to evaluate the club's finances and spending habits.

In what is clearly an attempt to block the Argentine's move to one of their biggest European rivals, Barcelona fans are saying that PSG is operating outside FFP regulations. Incidentally, similar regulations imposed by La Liga Santander have prevented Barcelona from ratifying Messi's contract extension.

According to Spanish publication Marca, the complaint against PSG "is based on financial facts." The same complaint asks for the Ligue 1 outfit to be deemed incapable of signing Messi based on the salary structure that they already have.

"PSG's ratio with regards to Financial Fair Play is worse than Barcelona's," the statement read. It was authored by Dr. Juan Branco, and submitted to the Court of Appeals supposedly on behalf of Barcelona's club members. PSG had already previously been cleared of FFP violations, hence the appeal.

"In 2019/20, 99 percent of PSG's income was used for salaries, whereas it was 54 percent for Barcelona," the statement read further.

State-owned PSG, which is owned by the Emir of Qatar in the Middle East, has been enjoying sponsorship revenues from state-owned companies including Qatar airways. However, their income stream has so far found to be legal, even though the complainants believe that they are enjoying an unfair advantage over most other European competitors.

FC Barcelona, which is one of the world' most valuable clubs, was not able to renew Messi's contract because his salary will put them at 10 percent over the allowed salary cap imposed by La Liga. Messi had already agreed to a 50% salary reduction to be able to stay, but the club's deflated revenue streams during the pandemic has not given them more room to spend on the wage bill.

Meanwhile, PSG already has high earners like Neymar Jr and Kylian Mbappe in their roster. They also signed former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos alongside Gianluigi Donnarumma, Achraf Hakimi and Georginio Wijnaldum this summer.

Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr.
On opposing sides with Argentina and Brazil -- but PSG's pairing of Messi and Neymar looks a mouthwatering scenario AFP / MAURO PIMENTEL