FC Barcelona are making sure that Sergio Aguero is being kept under strict medical supervision in the next few days as he undergoes extensive evaluation. The player is being subjected to a battery of tests following an incident during Saturday's match against Alaves where he experienced chest pain and shortness of breath on the pitch.

Aguero had to be substituted in the first half after he complained about a pain in his chest after jumping for the ball against Alaves defender Victor Laguardia. He was seen clutching his chest and grimacing in pain before eventually being attended to by first responders on the pitch.

There were some tense moments and worrying scenes as he lay on the ground before he was taken off the pitch and later sent to hospital onboard an ambulance. The former Manchester City striker was later confirmed to have had a cardiac arrhythmia, or an irregularity in his heart rhythm. Any such cardiac issue is a cause for concern especially for a footballer playing at such a high level.

The club is therefore determined to make sure that the Argentine is checked thoroughly to determine if it will be safe for him to return to competitive action. They are not taking any risks until his safety is guaranteed.

According to Sport Bible, this is not the first time that Aguero has suffered from an arrhythmia. It was first discovered many years ago at the start of his career. However, he has been able to play at the top level comfortably until the latest incident.

The 33-year-old is said to be calm under the circumstances, but he is understandably worried about the possible outcome of the tests and how his playing career will be affected. The situation comes as a big blow for Barcelona as well, as they had only just started enjoying Aguero's talents on the pitch. Since signing from Manchester City this summer, he has only appeared in five games after picking up an injury pre-season.

Sergio Aguero
Sergio Aguero signed with FC Barcelona this summer Getty Images