Atletico Madrid forward Luis Suarez is still smarting from the wounds inflicted by his exit from Football Club Barcelona. More than a year after his move to his current club, the Uruguay international is still speaking about the phone call from Barca manager Ronald Koeman, which ultimately led to his transfer.

In the summer of 2020, Suarez received a call from the Dutch manager, wherein he was told that he has no place in the club. The call, he claims, lasted only 40 seconds but Koeman was able to make it clear that he does not see the player in his future plans for the club. At the time, Koeman had just recently taken over from Quique Setien.

"It's not the way to say goodbye to a legend," Suarez told Gerard Romero on Twitch. "He lacked the personality to tell me clearly if he didn't want me or if it was really the club that didn't want me," added Suarez, hinting that perhaps Koeman was not entirely to blame for his exit.

His words are causing a stir, especially since Barcelona fans are feeling increasingly angry about the way the club has been run in recent years. Apart from the enormous debt, the transfer decisions have also been put into question.

Suarez, in particular, not only left the club against his will, he was also allowed to join rivals Atletico Madrid. He played a key role in his new club's run to the title last season, making the Culers question the move. He added salt to injury earlier this week, when he scored against Barcelona in Atletico's 2-0 victory in La Liga.

The former Barcelona forward had a muted celebration to his goal, but ignited controversy when he gestured with his hand as if he was on the phone after scoring. He denied that the gesture was directed at Koeman, but said that he meant it as a reminder that he still had the same number.

Suarez continued to share how difficult the move was for his and Lionel Messi's families.

"They were very difficult days because of everything I gave to the club. I spoke to Sofia (his wife) and Leo after the phone call. It was a complicated year due to everything. Messi asked to leave and I was being sent away. Both of our families had a very bad time," he said, as quoted by Marca.

Luis Suarez
Winning moment: Atletico Madrid's Luis Suarez scores the title-clinching goal AFP / CESAR MANSO