FC Barcelona veteran Gerard Pique appears to be becoming more and more comfortable with the single life just weeks after confirming his break-up with Colombian pop star Shakira. It has now been reported that the footballer was spotted partying in Stockholm, Sweden alongside a young blonde.

Incidentally, the woman seen with Pique at the party in Stockholm is reportedly not the same young blonde that has been linked with him for several weeks. Pique himself has not confirmed any new relationship, and all the reports about other women in his life remain unverified.

According to Marca, the Barcelona centre-back flew to Sweden upon the invitation of Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. He came for the "Brilliant Minds" convention, which is an international summit that puts together a number of entrepreneurs, businessmen and other influential personalities from around the globe.

Pique and Ek incidentally also have a business connection, with Spotify having recently signed a massive sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona. The player himself may be looking for possible business deals for his company, Kosmos holdings.

The footballer was seen mingling with the likes of singer Alicia Keys, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and actor Edward Norton. However, influencer Katrin Zytomierska claimed that he was at the party with a blonde woman. However, the woman's identity was not revealed, only that she did not seem to be the Barcelona club hostess that has been linked to Pique in recent weeks.

It remains to be seen if Pique will eventually address the rumours surrounding his personal life, but he has already made it clear that he may take legal action against those that are slandering his name.

He has also expressed his commitment to the club, especially after concerns were raised about the extra-curricular distractions in his life. Apart from the personal issues surrounding his break-up from Shakira, Pique will be hard pressed to focus on the pitch. Kosmos has steadily been growing in recent years, with the company now holding a stake at La Liga SmartBank side FC Andorra.

The company deals with football related media productions, and it also has an arm that deals in tennis events such as the Davis Cup.

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique AFP / Josep LAGO