Filming for "The Batman" is still on pause contrary to rumours that claimed production continued without Robert Pattinson, who reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

Sources working closely on the film denied reports of the ongoing production following the actor's diagnosis. They told Variety that those present at the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, U.K. are crew members who are still doing construction work for props and set-ups. Contact tracing is still being done and members of the film crew who came in contact with Pattinson are still on quarantine.

There is no update when filming for "The Batman" will resume. It is likely that shooting will restart after the mandatory two-week quarantine. It could take a while given the health and safety protocols mandated for UK-based productions. A person is cleared to return to work after the minimum 10 days quarantine and if he or she tests negative in a subsequent test. Likewise, they have to be asymptomatic.

Meanwhile, other production requirements are more stringent. The person has to have at least two negative COVID-19 tests and no symptoms with in at least 72 hours.

It is unclear if Pattinson is asymptomatic. Interestingly, WB has yet to confirm if "The Batman" star really has COVID-19. The studios did not namedrop the production member whom they announced contracted the disease.

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If the "Twilight" alum really tested positive then it could further delay the release of the movie. It was initially due for June 2021 but pushed back to October 2021 because of the pandemic. Pattinson reportedly contracted the disease two days after he returned to filming. Those who may have had contact with him within six feet and for over 15 minutes need to be on quarantine. These could include co-stars who did not wear maks, his stunt double, crew members working closely with the actor, and more. Even director Matt Reeves is a possibility if he did not follow social distancing during the filming.

On a positive note, Pattison received praise for his portrayal of the Dark Knight as seen in "The Batman" trailer. Naysayers backtracked on their previous criticisms that he cannot pull off the character.

Robert Pattinson gets COVID-19
Robert Pattinson plays a "very human and very flawed" Bruce Wayne, trying to solve a series of crimes. Photo: AFP / Chris Delmas