Chibatman Twitter

Here's another instance of a die-hard fan going all out all to prove his love and loyalty for his favourite superhero – Batman.

Meet 'Chibatman' – a local resident of Chiba (it's a prefecture of Japan, east of Tokyo) who dresses up as Batman from The Dark Knight Trilogy and rides his own version of the Batpod on the streets.

"The residents of Chiba seem to know as much about Chibatman's real identity as your average Gothamite knows about Batman's, but that hasn't stopped them from sharing pictures and videos anytime they encounter him — sometimes even zipping by on the highway," states a Yahoo report.

Check out Japan's Dark Knight cruising on the highway in the video below:

The man sure may look the part, but unlike his on-screen idol, he doesn't indulge in any fisticuffs with other 'masked' characters and even follows the traffic rules diligently. Check him out waiting patiently in traffic like a good citizen.